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Assalamualaikum friends, are you all right?  InfoTimesBD about the issue you're interested in seeing that we're inspired, and it's a good thing for you and BD Info Times because we are interested in seeing the new good writing / blog will be interested. And the more we share, the more you can learn from us.

InfoTimesBD: - The Bangla blog started its journey on September 1, 2020. The first purpose of InfoTimesBD is to convey accurate information to the readers. So that the readers can benefit from getting the right information. In addition to important information you will find more in Info Times BD : Blog Creation , Design, Templates, Website Creation, Design, Web Design and Development, Earnings Tips, Agricultural Guidance and Technology Topics. We can bet that it is difficult to find a blog in Bangladesh that is as informative and works on so many topics as Info Times BD .

About me:I am Md. Rahim Ali. A student by profession. In fact, studying is my job now and blogging is a deadly addiction. And I have entered the world of blogging due to this addiction. I was born in February 2004 in a small family in Rajshahi district of Bangladesh. Dad is a very ordinary farmer by profession. So in everything I have acquired a little age at a young age. Anyway, I took the Junior School Certificate exam in 2017 and somehow passed with a GPA of 4.79. Then I work with Tuktak website, learn. Then in 2020 I took the secondary school certificate exam with the science department and by the grace of God I could pass with a GPA of 5.00. Hope to be a good quality Computer Engineer. But I like Web Design a lot. I have learned a lot from hobbies so you can say I am a small Web Master (Ha ha ha). So,

Our future goal: Info Times BD has a specific goal for every job InfoTimesBD is a small blog site in Bangladesh It may be small now but hopefully in the near future it will be one of the most famous blogs in Bangladesh. However, in order to achieve this goal, you have to stay with Info Times BD with unconditional love The main purpose of InfoTimesBD is to keep the readers' faith and confidence intact and to share selflessly new writings and knowledge.