Privacy Policy

First of all, heartfelt respect, love and thanks for being with Info Times BD . We are always very careful to protect your privacy. If you read our Privacy Policy, you can find out: How Info Times BD Blog collects, evaluates, and sells personal information to visitors. You will also get a clear idea about other policies of Info Times BD. In order to make you known and credible, we have highlighted our Privacy Policy.

What kind of information do we store?

When a user comments on a post on our blog, we store those comments in our database. Or when a user communicates via e-mail, name and other information through our blog's contact form, we also store them. We also save the phone number when we send a text message / SMS or call directly with the phone number of our blog.

Do I use stored information?

  • Replying to your comment - Your comment is valuable to us because we want to reply to your comment and share knowledge with you.

  • To get an idea of ​​your personal experience: - We use the information we get from you to find out what your personal experience is, then find out what you like, and use it to post articles based on the results we get.

  • To keep up to date with the latest posts - If you subscribe to our blog to receive a newsletter with your e-mail, send a newsletter using that e-mail.
  • I also use your information to work on some very important sites.

    How do I keep your information secure?

    InfoTimesBD uses a number of confidentiality strategies to protect the information it receives from you. We take great care to protect the information we receive from loss, destruction or misuse, alteration, and unauthorized permission. We do not use or sell your personal information such as: name, phone number, e-mail, home address without your permission.

    Do we use cookies?

    Yes, we use different types of cookies. Cookies are small files that, if you allow them, are sent to your device's hard disk by web browsers or by service providers. This cookies file is used to detect your browser. The EU allows the use of cookies. By using these cookies we can easily create a light / rough idea about the user directly.

    Does InfoTimesBD disclose information to others?

    InfoTimesBD does not intentionally sell or disclose your information to any third party person or organization. It is not possible for any person or organization other than the people on our network to know the information you provide. However, I am obliged to hand over their powers to the legitimate law enforcement agencies recognized by the Bangladesh Constitution. (Because if this information is not given to them for legal purposes, it will be against the law).

    Consent to the Online Privacy and Protection of Children Act:

    While all of our services are useful and one of the means of gaining knowledge, according to COPPA, our services are for a minimum of 13 years of age and above. So InfoTimesBD discourages people under the age of 13 from using the blog with affection and love.

    Third Party Links:

    When InfoTime BD offers a link to a third party, we try our best to verify and sort it out, but welcome to contact us if you have any problems with third party links or third party links We are not responsible for any third party links shared with other users' comments. Separate policies exist on their shared link pages.

    Privacy Policy Changes and Complaints About Our Privacy Policy:

    We may change, enlarge, add or delete the privacy policy of our blog at any time in response to the official requirements of this blog. If we change this privacy policy, it will be updated through our Facebook fan page and on this blog. So stay connected with us to keep abreast of any updates. We value our readers' feedback so readers should contact us if they have any complaints about our privacy policy Then I will try my best to follow your opinion.