Top 5 Programming Languages ​​2021

Programming language
Programming language

 In today's world programming has become quite popular. Almost all of us know more or less about programming. Many may be working very slowly in this sector for a long time and many are preparing themselves to work in this sector in the future.

We all know that programming is done using programming language. There are a lot of programming languages ​​nowadays, some of which are quite popular and some of which may not be very popular. In the course of time, some of them may be on the verge of extinction and once the worst language may lead the industry in the present or future. There are so many types it's hard to say, so those who are preparing for the future must invest in a different kind of time.

In today's article we will discuss about the top 5 programming languages ​​of 2021. [Note: Languages ​​are considered here based on a number of factors. ]

Top 5 Programming Languages ​​2021

1. C++  : C ++ is one of the most popular languages ​​in the world of programming. It was first developed by Byrne Strovstrup in the 70's. It is an object oriented programming language. It has a lot of C features so anyone can learn it as its basic language. If one learns it as his basic language, it will not be very difficult for him to learn other languages.

Many big companies in the world use it such as: - Technology giants like Facebook, Google Ober. This language is most commonly used in various operating systems and compilers and in the development of games as well as in the development of desktop software or applications. The average annual income of a C ++ developer in the current international market is around  1 million.


2. C # : It is an object oriented programming language but it is considered to be a much better language because it was developed to overcome the limitations of the previous languages. It was first brought to market in 2000 and was developed by Microsoft.

C # is currently used in many large organizations, one of which is that Microsoft also created their famous Windows Office application using C # and also developed the famous graphics software Photoshop using C #. This language is used to create the best games of the present time. Also the biggest thing is that C # is used to create the most trending technology virtual games of the future. From this, it can be understood that 2021 is the right time to learn C #. Currently, the average annual income of a full-time C # developer is around  98,000.

3. Java: Java is a very popular language in the world. There is no better language than this to understand the programming thing, especially for those who are just about to enter the world of programming. It is also relatively easy to learn. It is one of the best programming languages.

Usually large companies use Java for many big projects such as a large range of software, mobile applications or web applications. The average annual income of a Java developer is around 120,000 dollars. This is a very demanding language so if you have very good skills on Java programming then you never have to sit down or struggle for a job.

4. Python: Python is a very simple programming language, especially for beginners. It is basically an object oriented high level language. Guido van Rossium developed it in the 90's. In the last 10 years, it has risen to the peak of popularity.

Python is most commonly used to create backend applications. The world's major technology giants are developing their backend software with Python, such as Google, Facebook, NASA and Instagram. Also AI or Artificial Intelligence works with Python. Many great software can be developed with Python by writing very little code. Also the use of Python is most and suitable for machine learning, big data etc. If you know Python, you can develop almost all types of applications, including databases. The average annual income of a full time Python developer is around 1 lakh 15 thousand.

5. JavaScript: Many people may be surprised to see JavaScript at number one, but it is not surprising that in 2021, according to many in the world of programming, JavaScript is now at number one. It is an object-oriented, dynamic and client-side scripting or browser scripting language developed by Netscape engineer Brendon Ike in 1995. Not only is it easy to learn, but if you can learn it, there will be no shortage of work.

Almost every website or web application you see in the world uses JavaScript in one way or another. It can be used in frontend and backend development simultaneously. At present no web application can be imagined without JavaScript. It has a great community and a lot of resources as well as a lot of frameworks and libraries to enrich this language which does not use any work that is not possible. Personally, one of my favorite programming languages ​​is JavaScript. The annual income of a full-time JavaScript developer is around লক্ষ 1 million. Currently, JavaScript developers have the most job opportunities in the world of programming. This is very useful for anyone who wants to be a full stock developer because you can do all the work using just one language. In the case of other languages, it is necessary to learn a language that is suitable for different tasks.

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