Four free tools to check backlinks

Four free backlink checker
Backlink checker

 Rules for checking backlinks: If you want to check the backlinks of your website, you can take the help of the tools in today's post. The backlinks of a blog or website should be checked regularly. Especially those who are blogging, if you want to increase the ranking of their blog, there is no alternative to backlinks. And without backlink tools, you can't understand how many backlinks have been created to your blog.

In today's post I will not discuss what kind of backlinks. Because there is a detailed post on our blog about what backlinks are, why backlinks are needed and how to increase backlinks. So if you have no idea about backlinks or want to know the details about backlinks, then read our blog post.

Backlinks are a very important part of SEO. Without backlinks it is not possible to increase the search ranking of the blog or grow organic traffic to the blog. Many of Google's ranking algorithms have changed over time, but the importance of backlinks remains the same. So there is no substitute for backlinks to increase the ranking of the blog.

Backlinks have changed a bit since last year's Google Penguin algorithm update. Updating the Penguin algorithm has almost destroyed the importance or value of private backlinks. From now on you need to create organic backlinks to increase backlinks.


In today's post we will discuss 5 tools to check backlinks. With these you can check the backlinks of your blog for free.

Why do you need tools to check backlinks?

To find out how many backlinks you get on your blog, you must take the help of one of the backlinks checking tools. Moreover, you can never know how many DoFollow and NoFollow backlinks have been created from the backlinks received on your blog without the tools to check the backlinks.

In addition, you need to take the help of backlink checker tools to know which sites your blog posts have received backlinks from. In addition, if you want to check the Broken link, you will need backlink tools. So backlink checking tools are needed to get a full idea of ​​the backlinks of a blog.

4 free tools to check backlinks

There are many types of free and paid tools available online to check backlinks. We will discuss all the 5 best backlink checker tools without making the post bigger. With any one of these 5 tools you can easily check the backlinks of your blog or website.

1. Ahref backlink checker tool

Ahref is the number one SEO tool in the world. There is a free and a paid version of this tool. However, Ahref is offering the opportunity to check backlinks for free. One hundred free backlinks can be checked for free with Ahref tool.

I used Ahref’s complete tool for seven days last year for 7. I was really surprised to see the features of these tools. What to do to rank a blog post, who will be your competitor when writing a new post on a topic and what to do to rank your post behind competitors, all ideas can be taken from these tools.

Check out the backlinks for free with Ahref Backlink Checker to get an idea of ​​the following:

★Anchor text distribution

★Dofollow-Nofollow link

★Domain rating

★New or lost backlinks

2. Moz Link Explorer

Moz is considered to be the number one SEO company in the world. Moz once reigned supreme in the SEO market. But now their SEO tools are considered as the 2nd most popular tools in the world. All kinds of SEO related posts are on Moz's official blog. If you want to be an SEO expert, you have to go to Moz one day

To check backlinks with these tools, you first need to create a free account. Then you can verify a maximum of 10 backlinks per week with Moz Link Explorer. In addition to Moz Link Explorer, Moz has various free SEO tools, with which you can find out various information about your blog if you want.r.

3. Open Link Profiler Backlink Checker

Open Link Profiler is a very popular SEO tool. The special advantage of Open Link Profiler is that many of its features can be used for free. Moreover, these tools have some free advanced features with which it is possible to get a lot of ideas about a website.

No account is required to check backlinks with these tools. Just click on Get Backlink Data with your blog address in the box above to get an idea about backlinks. There are multiple options to check backlinks through these tools. By analyzing all the options, it is very easy to get a complete idea about the backlinks of any blog.

Open Link Profiler Backlink Checker

4. Google Search Console

Google Search Console is one of the favorite web tools of all webmasters. At one time it was only used for website submissions. But Google changed it in 2019 and improved a lot. Now with just Google Search Console you can get almost all kinds of SEO ideas for a blog.

To learn more about backlinks to a website or blog from the Google Search Console, you must first submit your blog to the Google Search Console. After submitting a blog to Google Search Console, Google Automatic will automatically start collecting information about all types of topics on your blog.

After submitting this blog, when all the posts are indexed, you can get an idea about the backlinks of the blog. This tool is completely free. All you have to do is log in with your Gmail ID and submit your blog.

Google Search Console

Ask for help

Hopefully with the above tools you will be able to easily know the detailed information about the backlinks of your blog. If you have any questions about backlinks, you can ask us through the comments. We will try to give you the right solution to all your questions about backlinks. Also, don't forget to share the post on Facebook and Twitter.

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