Do you want to be a professional content writer ..? Then these eight ways for you. And the complete guideline to write an article.

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Want to be a content writer? Complete guidelines

If you are interested in knowing what to look for in a professional content writer, then today's article is for you. Today we will discuss content writing in detail.

In addition to learning how to become a professional content writer or what steps to follow, we will also discuss how content writers can work or what job opportunities are available to them.

Who… ..? Work….?

First of all, let's find out who Content Writer is. Content writers are basically writers who write on one or more topics. Now let's learn about the ways in which content writers can do jobs online.

Content writers can work in different ways if they want. Being one of the two most common ways

Create your own website and do content writing there

And work independently. Websites can be monetized in different ways. Through various advertising platforms. Through Google Adsense, Facebook, sponsorship. You know a lot about all this.

Content writing for different organizations

There are thousands of online companies that hire content writers for their websites. They publish various product or service related content on their website in the Content Writer section. There is also an online news portal.

Those who hire content writers to do content writing on various topics. If he wants, he can join all the organizations and get a job. Fiverr is also very popular among many Market Place online.

If you visit Fiverr and search for Content Writer, you will see that many content writers are providing this service. Here are some things to keep in mind when it comes to becoming a professional content writer.

Industry Selection

An Expert Content Writer does not work for more than one organization. Works on any one subject. And builds yourself by Expert. Now there are many types of industries to choose from, such as: Sports If you like sports, you can write about sports

There are many websites on your website or starting from different news portals. You can do content writing for all those sports related websites. There is also Food Blogging. Food can also be written. If you have knowledge about Medical Science, you can blog about Health Care.

Do you want to be a professional content writer ..? Then these eight ways for you. And the complete guideline to write an article.

As I said, each of these is an industry, you have to start your work on what you like best. First of all, before starting content writing, you have to think about it and choose a specific topic or industry over time.

Research For Content Ideas

After selecting the industry, you need to do as much research on that industry as possible and find out the industry related topic ideas. The more research you do, the more you will be able to find topic ideas.

Know Your Readers

A pro content writer knows very well who his readers are. What they like, what they dislike, how many% of them are male and how many% are female. These are the things that a pro content writer must know. So you pick that topic

What kind of people are interested in that subject, how old they are, what subjects they like, what subjects they don't like, do a little research on these subjects. And you will write the content by facing those issues. Then your readers will enjoy reading your content a lot. And will give good feedback.

Pick a Topic

Write on any one specific topic. It is not possible to write on more than one topic on the same content. After selecting an industry, after researching and finding many topic ideas, one content can be published for each topic.

But it is not possible to write on more than one subject in the same content. This will confuse the readers. For example: Suppose we are writing an article where we are teaching How to write a blog post.? That is how to post a blog on the website. In this we can tell briefly.

After writing the article, you have to share it on social media. But there is no way to write about Facebook Marketing. Because Facebook Marketing is a different topic.

For which a separate content can be written. But how to write a blog post. If you go to write the total issues of Facebook Marketing in this content, it will be miscreated.


A pro content writer can present his content very easily. By using common words or sentences. By using relevant images or graphics. People never want to use their brains.

When he is reading something. If you read a sentence in English or go to read something, most people see it and don't like to read because they don't understand. Always try to present your content simply.

The easiest words to use are the words used in common. And need to use relevant images or graphics. There are many websites on the internet where Free Stock Photo, Premium Graphic are available which can be downloaded and used.


Once an article is written, readers need to try to understand it from a prospective point of view. What kind of feelings can a reader have after reading the article? A professional content writer does not publish articles immediately.


Reviewing for a while and trying to understand how the feeling will be created in the minds of his readers. Always write content and review it well from the readers' perspective. This will greatly improve the quality of your content writing in Log tram. And you will understand your readers better.

Try Different Styles

Try writing content in multiple styles. A professional content writer can write content in multiple styles. There are thousands and millions of books on the market that are written by different types of authors or authors. You know the names of a few authors.

Hateguna is a few because they are different from everyone else. Their writing style is different. Their content is different. There is a uniqueness. Similarly, professional content writers follow multiple styles in their content. And trying to figure out which style readers like the most.

So try to use multiple different techniques or styles for each topic you find, try to understand which style your readers like the most. Apply different types of styles and research which style is best for you.

Set a Schedule

You need to set a routine for content writing, maybe 3 days or 4 days a week and set a routine of 3 hours or 4 hours every day. Every professional content writer maintains a routine. A result must be seen from this work when continuity is maintained in any work. Definitely maintain a routine.

Here are eight steps we can take to begin the process of preparation for writing a content. And follow the unique step. Use a few steps of your own and maintain a consistency in your work so you can build as a professional content writer.

I hope everyone understands everything. If there is a problem somewhere, please comment

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