Win 2000 taka with bKash and grab the limited time offer

Bkash Mama provides new offers every month to attract customers. The number of their users is also huge for this. Not only user but also this service is very easy to use. So in its continuation, bKash is giving a new opportunity to earn from bKash.

Win 2000 rupees with development

With the highest number of successful referrals, 3 people can win daily ৳ 2000 bonus. To win this bonus you need to make at least 5 successful referrals. Also, anyone who logs in to the bKash app for the first time from your referral link and makes any transaction from the app will get a guaranteed bonus of BDT 100. If someone logs in from your shared referral link, the referrer will get a bonus of 20 Taka. Then if that person makes any kind of transaction for the first time then you will get another 60 taka bonus.

Therefore, if you think that you have made a total of 15 referrals, you will get 15 × 100 = 1500 taka for this referral. So if you do the full calculation, it is ৳ 1500 + 2000 = ৳ 3500 is a funny thing, isn't it?

You will need some adaptation to get this offer. Eligibility to accept the offer are: The first app login from the referral link and the first transaction, the referrer will receive a bonus. Anyone who wants to earn money by referral can do a job. You can get a referral link by tapping the Refer A friend button from the menu of your Bkash app and you will be able to develop a new customer through that link. To take advantage of the  2,000 bonus in total, you need to make at least 5 successful referrals. To be one of the top referrers, those who will be referred will have to enter the referral link on the same day and make any transaction at the end of the first app login.

Terms of the offer The
referral dashboard of the app will be able

to see how much money the referrer earned by referring him, the total number of referrals completed, the number of successful referrals will be renewed every day.

Total revenue from successful referrals will be renewed every 3 days;

While the referral offer is applicable for the Android version, it will not be applicable for the iOS version of the bKash app;

If someone from the shared referral link enters the app for the first time or logs in, it will be considered as a successful referral. With that the bonus money will reach your account;

The amount of bonus will be distributed from the development authority as per the bonus distribution plan;

Referral bonus of BDT 20, activation bonus of BDT 80 and maximum successful referral commission of BDT.

The  2,000 bonus can be availed more than once at any time during the new offer;

If you do not receive a bonus due to account status, an attempt will be made to reimburse the bonus on any day of the month following the month in which the reference was made;

The Development Authority reserves the right to extend or reduce the Campaign Time or to change / amend the Campaign Terms and Conditions or to cancel the entire Campaign without any prior notice.

Note: This offer is valid till 30th December, except for the next urgent need of the Development Authority.

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